Buying a poster

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My entry for the contest of @organduo and @laputis

Pinky and Spiky went to the folk art fair and while looking for something to buy, Spiky saw a thing that looks precious for him. He wanted o buy a poster of the good looking guy without knowing that he is just looking in a simple mirror of the seller. He is looking at his own reflection on the mirror. While Pinky is just letting Spiky to figure out everything.

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Spiky appreciated what he saw from the mirror. I use to tell my Africa brothers and sisters, until we appreciate ourselves on the mirror, we’ll not make good human impact.

It’s good to be yourself!

Lovely artwork @izaid

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Do you still tell people this? These are very wise words my friend! Unless you can truly appreciate, and be thankful, for the beautiful creation that you are made, in God’s image, and that beauty means more than just good looks, you won’t make good human impact. True beauty is seen in the person who is full of love for all man kind, I feel Jesus is a good roll model ❣️

Spiky is handsome indeed!

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Very funny:)

Ha Ha 😄 this is funny, what a terrific thought for a comic my friend. That took some thinking! Congratulations on your win ❣️