Pinky And Spiky Celebrating Halloween Back In 2018, an art gif

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Hello Steemians

I want to share with you this art gif that I made last year for the pinkyandspiky drawing contest. The theme back then is Celebrating Halloween and this week we have the same theme but this is not an official entry. I just want to share it again because it is timely for the event.

I used a mobile animation app called flipaclip. It took me hours drawing each tiny movement made by each character and once completed that hours of work is reduced to just a few seconds gif. Every time I look at similar content I made, I get reminded of the long hours of work I had to invest and so it's hard to dispose them off and so here it is once again. Hope you enjoy

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It's so good to see your work again! We really miss you!

Thank you. I also miss you guys and the days when we were just starting with our artstorm drawings.

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It's nice to be reminded of your wonderful gif...

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Thank you.