Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Gerard De Nerval 🌸 My entry for the #pinkflowerday by @petals 🌸

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Hi my dear Steemians!

As you know, I love photography and contests.
I love this kind of competition because you can discover the exceptional work of the Steemians and reward it. It's also another way to interact with new people who share the same passion.
By the way, if you like macro photography, you can join my [50 SBD TO WIN] / 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2

Today I'm a challenger and this is my entry for the #pinkflowerday contest by @petals! This is a wonderful idea of two amazing photographers @adrianobalan and @sardrt. To know more about this contest, click here! ^^.


I love to find this kind of wonderful gift on my way... I took this picture when I was walking around Brest.


Brest is a nice city in the Finistère department in Brittany (Bretagne, France).
The Brittany region whose capital is Rennes, covers four departments (Finistère, Côtes-d'Armor, Morbihan and Ile et Vilaine) and has a regional language recognized which is Breton. He is also taught in many Breton schools.

Located in a sheltered position not far from the western tip of the peninsula, and the western extremity of metropolitan France, Brest is an important harbor and the second French military port after Toulon


The Brittany coast is very diverse with coastal expanses, coves, dunes and long sandy beaches. You can find a very interesting fauna and flora to photograph.


There is a multitude of beautiful flowers to see and I wanted to capture his image to keep it in my mind and share it with you for this contest! Flowers put on color and love in our lives, we must take care of them!


It is not easy to photograph something alive like this flower that moves with the wind. But it's a good exercise to practice patience ^^. This photo was taken with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 because at the moment I do not have professional equipment but it will come ...


Thank you @petals for organizing this kind of contest I find it really fun!
Have a nice day and Good Luck to all the challengers!




As promised I will organize a new contest soon! I would like this time to increase the earnings to have more rewarded winners. For example, a big price for the 1st one but also prices for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

I saw the quality of the photos in my last contest and I must say that I was very frustrated about not being able to give more prizes.

I saw that there is sponsorship for other contests here in Steemit. I would like to understand the way these contests receive these funds.

That's why, I need your help my friends! Feel free to contact me on Steemit.chat if :

  • You are actually sponsoring contests or want to help with me with next one.
  • You know the way the sponsorships are made and can help me to understand it better.
  • You know Steemians that usually bring funds to the contests prize pools.

I hope in a close future to be able to build big prize pools and bring these contest to the next step.

The goal is to reward quality work on this platform. Of course this time I will be more demanding on the rules to avoid the plagiarism of photos. I saw that it was done a lot in the competitions and I refuse to reward work that would not be original!

Thank you for your support and see you soon for a new contest !!!


If you liked reading this article or enjoy the pictures, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always pleasant =D. Thank you all for your support. See you soon for new flamingirl's adventures in the Canary Islands!!

Much love from France ❤

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Wonderful collection

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Much Love from Canada.

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Awesome Quality Photos It has been very nice. If I tell you how to post from my perspective, then I would say it is very cool.

Wow amazing flowers green and pink clr

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Amazing shots my friend !

Very beautiful. Upvoted.

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You are awesome @flamingirl and absolutely right on.what you said thatvevery flowers is a soul of blossoming of nature

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Beautiful click.
This is my photo looks qiute similar right.


These photos are amazing. I love the 1 with the bee the most. It's so fantastic!

Nice post i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us and East and West you are the best my frnd

What is the name of this flowe..?

hello votes me plz

These pictures are so beautiful my wife loves to take pictures of pretty flowers there's some amazingly exotic ones where we live in Indonesia!