what is piles?? and why it occur?

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Piles is called hemorrhoids in medical science. In the lower part of the anus, a type of blood cluster that swells like a grapes, often leaving the stool or leaving the stool, there is often bleeding. This is the piles.
What causes piles?ঃ Those who have constipation usually have more of them. Apart from this, there can be general reasons. Children have a lot of time, during pregnancy it is more. Many people do not leave the stool in time, they keep them stuck - due to these reasons also. For those who have normal seizures, it is less likely that they will occur.

To do Piles Disease:

  1. Be careful about constipation and do not keep stuck in the right time.
  2. Eat enough vegetables and other fiber foods and drink enough water (8-10 glasses per day).
  3. Do not work hard enough.
  4. Sleep for 6-8 hours a day.
  5. Control the body weight.
  6. Take food that is easily digested.
  7. Do not put too much pressure on the stool.
  8. If he has long-term diarrhea, he has to be treated.
    thanks to all.....

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