Pilates - a Mindful Movement experience

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It has been a great privilege to be a Pilates instructor for the last 5 years (and more to come!). I have noticed many people have thought about doing Pilates or Yoga but it remains a thought...

Sometimes it is the assumption that one has to be able to move like the instructor before even starting Pilates. Being an instructor is a process like anything in life and everyone has different capabilities that can be strengthened. Sometimes one forgets that the instructor spends their days doing physical movements when the clients only come for a few sessions monthly which is great but to be realistic, will take a bit longer to get where the instructors are ;) At the end of the day we as instructors encourage everyone to do Pilates for more than just how one looks but for the positive feelings and/or mindfulness it provide us as human beings.

We are living more and more in our minds and less active lifestyles. One of Joseph Pilates' famous quotes, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” resonates so much with me. Pilates or any other mindful movement creates such a unique experience every time, taking you into a renewed journey reconnecting your mind and your body.

Another beauty of Pilates is that it is for everyone, for any age, and it's never too late to start. Even my dad at 84 still does Pilates exercises, optimizing his daily movements. "You're only as young as what your spine is flexible", Joseph Pilates.

Ideally, instructors working with chiropractors, kinesiologists, physios and biokineticists help provide the best Pilates exercise program for each client's individual physical needs.

I encourage you to take that step into your nearest Pilates studio asap and indulge in the mindfulness of the movement, waking up the connection between Your body and Your mind daily.

Smiles :)

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