Hear ye: a short message from the High Priest of the Church of Piglet himself

in #piglet4 years ago (edited)

Summer and vacations are here!

As a friendly gesture, the ever-forgiving Church of Piglet invites all those who delegate to bidbots to a guided tour of the peat bog next to our church building in The Netherlands.

Participation is free, and refreshments will be provided by the Church of Piglet. Because of terrain conditions, it is advisable to wear boots, preferably expensive ones in size EU43/UK9/US10.

The High Priest himself will guide you across this fine and untouched piece of nature!

You should follow the High Priest's every instruction, as peat bogs are not without danger if you wander off or even when you take the wrong path.

As it is very hard to guarantee your safety under such conditions, you participate at your own risk.

The splendid landscape and the rare species of plants and animals you will see make the walk well worth the risk, though, as you will probably never see such beauty again.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Best regards,

The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff.


Someone may, but we're out of voting power for now.

Learn from us.
We still have plenty of Power.
Do Not Deflating your Batteries.
It will takes days to recharge.

There's just so much shit we can't resist ...

Each 100% takes 2.4 hours to recharge.
We have two accounts just for Hunting Phishers.


Kardesim sen beni neden eksiliyon ne yaptim sana


I follow you, please follow me, sir. I'm totally new to Steemit. Hope you will follow me and help me get filled up by Upvoting. Thank you so much.

If you keep spamming this comment all over the place, you will get flagged at some point.

Also, if you say you follow, but don't, you're a liar that should get flagged.

Sorry Bro....


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