where can i delegate

in #piggericks10 days ago

I am trying to manage my delegations.

Can't do it on steemit and vessel does not work anymore.


https://steemworld.org is the best one for the job. If you are thinking of leasing SP for passive income try https://dlease.io

P.S. Will you stay on steemit or change to hive?

i have no clue. i hate this shit and will just follow consensus.

i think the community fucked up royally

You can delegate / undelegate in the SteemPeak wallet.

Everything that you need https://steemyy.com/

Isn't it working on steempeak?

Have you tried steemconnect?


Just change usernames for delegator and delegatee. And change amount of SP. If you keep 0, it should undelegate.