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The flows crypto exchanges in short history

With the constant evolution of blockchain technologies, the safety dilemma has become more and more prominent. a safety survey report published by the worldwide rating association 1CO Rating demonstrated a severe fact, that lots of renowned cryptocurrency exchanges rank just in the center of the safety capacity ranking record, or even the ground.

Cryptocurrency exchanges should have strong protections from a range of these occasions. Nevertheless, these trades do be the core vehicle for liquid use of cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency exchanges function just like traditional trades. The cryptocurrency marketplace helps with the transaction and collects the fees. The difference is that the inherent advantage - bitcoin or perhaps Ethereum or a different cryptocurrency that does not have precisely the identical evaluation possessions as domestic money.

This fact brings the idea of the PIEXGO team to create a super-secure crypto exchange that can provide real safety trading and the excellent service for its user experiences.

What is PIEXGO?

PIEXGO is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to buy, sell, and store their digital assets instantly.

PIEXGO is dedicated to creating a world-class advanced financial ecosystem for electronic assets. Determined by our powerful R&D group, in addition to cooperating with investors and worldwide consulting group, we're becoming a top fund and digital advantage integrated service supplier. PIEXGO embraces customer-centric service theory and gives secure, reasonable and open electronic asset solutions to its clients.

When the test phase last year, it's amazing to know that the number of participants reached more than 3,000 participants at that time. The result quite a great deal of participants at the beta evaluation talked highly of their trading expertise in PIEXGO, for instance, smooth and the interface layout very user-friendly. Some reasoned that the encounter could rival the very best five cryptocurrency exchanges. The feedback from the participants is affirmed the PIEXGO team were dedicated for this project deeply.

The extreme way of testing the PIEXGO exchange was done. The millions of attacks from the hackers worldwide are facilitated to attack the PIEXGO system to find out how strong the security system it has And PIEXGO passed the test successfully. Awesome!

User-friendly Interface

As I mentioned above, it's easy to use. PIEXGO exchange offers two basic interfaces and an advanced interface. with both of these Display lets, you can go according to your taste. The basic interface has a simpler appearance while the advance display has a more complete display to accommodate your convenience in trading.


Basic trading interface

Advance trading interface

User can also change the background Light or Night by clicking as the pic below


PIEXGO currently supports 20 cryptocurrencies and comprises 32 trading pairing and is extremely likely to profit in the future.

Mobile App Support

PIEXGO has launched the mobile app for iOS and Android, this app will help the user for the trading more convenient and flexible. You can download here and please choose your mobile device OS.

OTC market service

The OTC is a point-to-point trade between users. The buyer pays and the seller affirmed the payment after getting. The conventional digital asset trade is the market of electronic assets with USD. When utilizing USD to purchase BTC, you may use more/less USD to purchase BTC if BTC cost is rising/shrinking. Case in point: if you purchased 1BTC in 10,000 USD and market it at a later date when it's worth 13,000 USD, profiting 3000 USD.

In PIEXGO's OTC, a digital asset is priced against other assets. By way of instance, if 1 ETH=0.1 BTC, it is possible to utilize 0.1 BTC to purchase 1 ETH and also you are able to sell it if ETH is worth 0.2BTC.

The advantages of OTC as below:

1)Reduces the cost of changing currencies
2)Provides arbitrage opportunities for users
3)Stronger anonymity
4)Most convenient for changing and circulating of digital assets

In conventional digital currency trading, electronic assets are priced in USD, it usually means that in the event that you hold BTC and would love to substitute it using ETH, then you have to market the BTC initially, pay a handling fee, then buy ETH while needing to cover handling fees. Basically, you have to pay handling fees double. Together with PIEXGO, you just have to cover it after.


NEO Global Capital (NGC)

PIEXGO has reached a strategic alliance relationship with a Blockchain technology VC fund NEO Global Capital (NGC). NGC optimistic about the development of PIEXGO and will continue investing in PXG.

Signum Capital

Signum Capital is an exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. together they will develop and grow the exchange ecosystem in Northeast and Southeast Asia in concern

Project links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram channel | Reddit


Excellent project. Let's get all behind this project which is trying to serve a greater purpose in order to change our daily lives through cryptocurrency! I think this is a project that has a good innovation with this project.Offer to take part in ICO! This will help to make a lot of money. I recommend everyone to pay attention.

Even though the PIEXGO Exchange remains comparatively fresh, the daily trading volume around the system has reached more than 1 million bucks. With the expert staff supporting the platform, it's likely that in the long run the PIEXGO will turn into the very best cryptocurrency market with large trading volumes.