I've been waiting all weekend for this!! Thanks for releasing it a little early too, so now I can go to Walmart with the fiancee and don't have to keep checking the phone :)

NEO fork would be an interesting proposal as it currently is one of the best POS reward systems for holders and has a fast development team and working product.
Just one question, what is LGBT and what type of dating is this? 🤣

Vitalik Buterin will love reading this one

Not bad. Interested in mining, when it comes around.

You guys are amazing :D I’ll be staking when the time comes. I wish I was a developer but neah... I’ll be a proud community member.

Awesome, i love the usecase, how do we get it

not iota pls, i heard its pure shit

Actually if you check on the tech they are trying to develop, is not that shit enhanced, proved and working would be a game changer.

they dont seem to have a working wallet tho...
you have to generate your own private keys and apparently you have to retry a lot of times for transactions to go thru.

i havent used it myself, thats what ive heard.

have you used it? does it actually work?

Lol. And you guys were talking so much shit about EOS in tele.

Love the one pager BUT forking platforms $NEO $IOTA $EOS or $XLM. Cmon, did Jian Yang write this shit. Might as well throw #Tron $TRX in there too. Monica was obviously not consulted about this. $PPI can do better.

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