$PPI Meme Contest Winners.

Here are the winners for the @piedpipercoin meme contest. Picking the winners isn't easy at all! So many good entries, I wish I can pick all of you! Alright let's cut to the chase. Here are the winners.

1st Prize goes to @twotripleow for this wonderful piece. I like how the ceo ran over loomdart lol

2nd Prize goes to this wonderfully done piece by @stencil.art

And last but definitely not the least. 3rd Prize goes to @skiveuss's one of many entries lol

Winners please comment down your receiving addres. ( Make sure its an address you hold the keys, not an exchange address! )

credit to @Overkillcoin for my shiny new banner!

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Actually my favorite one is the second one, btw, what is loomdart claim to fame? He only shitposts on Twitter

IDK what's with him, he thinks he's like a lawlyer or something. The Saul Goodman of crypto lol

my favorite was the second one too 😁

I give you the first one... but the second? ... makes me sad.

THe third is good... but the last supper was worthy of a place... Anywho...

Alright send me a receiving address and ill send a little consolation. Damn this shit isnt easy at all, next time ill have someone else judge it lol

What makes you sad about the second? All the work that actually went in it?
& last supper could not win if you read the rules 😜

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