Na like this you na go fit help us win $1 million dollars wey we go Carry put untop blockchain again

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Na like this you na go fit help us win $1 million dollars wey we go Carry put untop blockchain again

Steem clan dey among people way fit win $1 million dollars for one contest way Satoshi's Treasure Hunt. Na dozens of steemians dem Don put join body to help for this conquest and to dey help us solve riddle way we no get answer to for this journey.

The riddle way they happen now na for one charity way them Wan raise money for. Na @blanchy and @doctorcrypto join body come up with one better idea way them fit use raise money and na through curation! So like that, nobody pocket go fit run dry.

To helep us, na everything wey you fit do be this

Make you just knack this post vote and resteem am so e go day rein. Na so so different things go happen if our post dey rein:

  • All the money wey we go make for this post dey go charity
  • So na we go win all the four keys wey deythis challenge get
  • We go put the platform for map as per day people go dey wonder say how we take make money to donate for charity through upvotes alone
  • We go also put ourselves in front of our rival by four clans count which Na better score wey fit give us better chance for the game. And you Sabi wetin that one go mean for us.. Na we go win the $1 million challenge!! Aaahhh!! But na all the money we go put back enter blockchain wey we go kan use am pay you too.

Make you na think am as say we day donate to blockchain!

The koko be say, if you help this our post to dey rein, or give us something join the clue fund, you go day donate indirectly to charity and to steem blockchain at once! Because when we will the $1 million dollars, na all the money wey go gain, we go out them back For steemit blockchain.

If you wan Sabi more about how this thing dey work, make you read our FAQ's for here


We go dey also publish our own white paper soon, as per say all the moeny way we make go dey distributed to all the steemians for this platform. Everything way we dey do na to push and boost steemconomy. Na only small of the money way we make we go keep as we go dey use that one for future curations, to manage our server and to join am as prize pool for future contest.

This game wey we get no be today e dey end as he long wella and wetin they their self pass $1 million. E go shine better light for steemit, way be say na better investors go dey come and plenty different users self too go Wan join body and this step to boost steem econie wella. Out mind dey sweet us wella like this!

Help us make this post dey rain!

Make you na no forget say the objective of this clue na to just make this post rain. Make you na no forget say 100% of the money way we go get from this post, na charity. e day go. And as we dey do that one, na so we go dey get international recognition from everybody for this world and people way love crypto too.

You still get questions?? You still dey confused??

If you still never get how this thing dey work and you Wan ask questions, make you drop am for the the comment section for this post. You fit even join our server to help find answers for some riddles! We still get like 385 of them riddles way we never solve! And this one go out is for the less to win the game!

You sp low? You Wan contribute real money

  • you fit contribute steem, sbd, pal, sst for steem clan wallet

    Make u just make sure say you add "clue 17" for the memo way you go send, so we go know wetin the money day for!

  • you fit even contribute USD for the pay pal clue #17 fund for here sef

    na all the money we go put inside the final money mineybway get get for final donation.

  • na the first post inside the four post way we get for the clue #17 be this

    abeg make u na note say na the first steem-centered fund raisers be this inside the four way we go do. If we make pass the money way we Wan get for this round, we go keep so of the moeny for the next round, na jsut to make sure say money day to cover the whole other three round a way day

make u a join us for discord to win Satoshi Tokens for say you dey solve clues!

translator @sevenmosoes