Heartbreaking Pictures Taken in Homs, Syria Yesterday Reveal Destruction caused by Foreign Imported Crisis

in pictures •  9 months ago

Destruction as far as the eye can see in Wadi Al Sayih in Homs, Syria. 

Homes destroyed, lives lost, an abundance of death, destruction...and for what? This is what the foreign nations that had Syria's demise in mind want to see. 

Entire buildings reduced to rubble. One of those buildings housed my aunt, her children, and her in laws. They have all had to move to the villages 30 minutes away and start new lives. 

Syrians want to return to a life of peace, they want to go on living just like anyone else. Why has the US and their allies tried to take that human right from them? We all know war is profitable. This war was carefully planned and executed by foreign nations. 

All pictures were taken by my mother on 3//2018 and sent to me. 

For more information on this war you can read my articles at The Rabbit Hole.

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Horrible. The utter destruction caused by geopolitics, but most importantly disgusting chauvinism rolled into a wrap of greed. That's what it's ultimately about, isn't it? Greed - a sin in all dominant religious forms and yet it still causes humans to dip their greedy little fingers into a jar of dollar bills without thinking of the consequences. Syria is for Syrians and ultimately it is those Syrians that should decide what happens in the country. It's not the first country in the Middle East that has been played by the mysterious Atlanticist playbook.


Yes, the perpetrators completely underestimated the resilience of the Syrian people and their strong alliances. Just two of the reasons why Western powers have not succeeded in completely destroying the country and crushing the people's spirits.

That is absolutely heartbreaking to see, and the fact that countries like my country don't want to accept refugees here is making me disgusted.


Thank you for your sympathy. There's a lot of work to be done but slowly and surely the country is rebuilding what these nations were hell bent on destroying.

Thanks to your mom for sending such heart touching pictures. Hope she is safe. I was watching videos and crying in this morning for the kids in Syria. God will not forgive us for letting them kill innocent people.


Thank you for your concern. Inshallah those responsible will pay, either in this life or the next.

What is happening now in Sirya is very tragic .
check my post regarding this https://steemit.com/life/@sergiudemerji/39bvvu6u


I don't agree with your promotion of the white helmets propaganda and implication that the Syrian government and their Russian allies are targeting civilians.


Inocent people are dying everyday , this is not propaganda it`s a real fact . each developed state invests a lot of money to create weapons for destruction what are used agains the people . This is sad very sad


The White Helmets are as much as a propaganda force as they are an emergency response team. IMO, unfortunately, in a civil war, civilian casualties are unavoidable. While the SAA has a ton innocent civilian blood on their hands, I do not believe they intentionally target civilians. The difficulty in a civil war (likewise in an insurgency) is in differentiating a combatant from a civilian.