Picture of in-between Arizona & Utah in the United States

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Originally I was going to upload them on my PC. Right now I'm outside on the rock we call Earth with some time to spend while waiting. My beautiful, incredible wife @rachinata and I went on a trip to Utah recently. Oh by the way we are moving there too. That will be a totally different story. In a month. Anyways this was the same trip where we were complaining about a gas station not waving their counties flag because it could potentially be offensive. I mean jeez 😒😁. As you are passing into Utah from Southern Nevada (also going through northern Arizona) you'll see a man made gorge. Basically a formation of rocks that was in the way of a road being built. Therefore they blew up the rocks. Apparently there are still falling rocks or debris from the old man made explosion from over 40 years back. May the eyes gaze upon. Please Upvote and follow is you dig this content. On an unrelated note if you happen to be posting something on Steemit with music in it go ahead, tag # Boombox. You'll receive a free Resteem from my alternate accounts!! Over 1300 views just for supporting the new coolest thing in decentralized sounds!



Such a good time! I'm glad you were able to catch some views

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