execution of Ceausescu

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Picture of the execution of Ceausescu The most famous dictators in modern history who ruled Romania with iron and fire for twenty-four years ..
At the end of his life, Ceausescu suffered great paranoia. The great leader, Danub, called himself the Danube, the shining light of humanity and the genius who knew everything. He could not criticize and showed no mercy to his opponents. Such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, the savior of the people and that his age is the golden age ..
While Ceausescu was building monumental monuments and setting up lavish concerts for his narrow circle, many Romanians were starving because of the distribution of rationed food, and they were suffering from winter frost without heating stoves. The demonstrations in Romania suddenly exploded unexpectedly. The universities protested in protest against Ceausescu's view of him as a personal challenge. He ordered the internal security forces to shoot at the demonstrators. The result was the killing of 20 students. Which angered the rest of the demonstrators and resorted to violence and violent demonstrations reached the presidential palace .. Then his security men told him that they can no longer control these angry masses and indicated to escape. A helicopter arrived and landed on the roof of the palace. There, Nikolai Ceausescu climbed with his wife and the plane flew them into the air. Whenever he looked at the streets below him, Ceau§escu was filled with angry masses. This was a great surprise for him, where he thought for a long time that he was loved by the people. He managed to tame him. The plane landed outside the city but some of the peasants managed to arrest him and hand him over to the authorities. He had a speedy trial of no more than two hours, Nikolai Ceausescu and his wife Elena on December 25, 1989 ..

While they were being executed, his wife screamed at the officers. They left me. I treated the people and treated you as a loving mother.
She is famous for buying the most expensive clothes, shoes and opulence at the expense of people's wealth, poverty and hunger

The tyrant is led to his death and is still thought to be an angel
And without the least sense of guilt for his actions towards the simple people
Were it not for the existence of hypocrites and the scorn of the peoples and the scoundrels and the shoes of the rulers and leaders, the tyrants of these tyrants would not have become mad at the greatness and loss of humanity.

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