How To: Upload and Embed a picture to your Steemit Blog Posts

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This has been a common question and I hope you find the below steps helpful to uploading or embedding a picture to your Steemit Blog Posts: 

Step 1: Create a Blog Post (also known as Submit a Story)

Step 2: Click Editor in text box     

Step 3: Use Free Image Hosting Service     

There are multiple options available, all for free (quickly refuse if they request payments!), some are of my personal favorites in no particular order (all have similar features): · 

Step 4: Copy Permanent Link (URL) to clipboard from Free Image Hosting Service after clicking Choose File -> Upload

Step 5: In Steemit, Click Image icon to then paste into Blog Post, Voila!   

I hope that helps! Please add anything else I am missing to the comments section.  

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.

I wonder if we could build this into Steemit automatically.

Im happy to program it. Does anyone know if there is an add-on API for steemit?

Thank you its very helpful

Very complete in all the steps I need to upload from start to finish.


I used Imgur found that to be the best to use on android phone.

You've really tried brother more Greece ur elbow

Thanks really helpful


Trimakasih informasi nya
Saya masih baru gan,masih butuh bnyak belajar. Semoga dengan ada tutorial2 seperti saya cepat bisa ...

thank you for this simple tutorial... I thought only can only be use to embed images to steemit..

Why not just drag and drop?


Yea why cant we just drag and drop?

I am trying....

This is a huge help. Thank you for the instructions.

Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.

Thank you so much for this guide.

Thank you! Very helpful.

Thank you, so much. Time to starting adding more stories with pictures.

Thank you.

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It was very useful for me. Thanks. I am new in Steemit, what I can't vote???

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@namnabat you can only vote on a post within the first 7 days of a post. After this it is etched permenantly into the block and can't get upvotes. This comment you can upvote on within 7 days even though post is old but I can't upvote your comment because over 7 days.

Thank you so much for this information. I is just what I needed...

Thank you so much my friend. I've been looking for a post like this.

My most sincere thanks for the assistance! This was indeed giving me some trouble, but it is definitely nice to have it cleared up here. However, the free image hosting services presented here didn't really work for me. Would using be an issue?

My first sign-on and this is what I am looking for to get my profile set up. Great post!

Awesome!!!! New to steemit and this solves a huge headache! cheeeers

Does Photobucket qualify as free image hosting? I'm trying to use its links and they aren't working.

Seriously have tried this but mine isn't working

There is nothing wrong with paying someone to host your images. This expectation that every thing on the Internet is supposed to be free is one of those memes that has led to the current problems on the Internet.

IMHO: It is more professional to pay a webhost for a web account to host your own images. Webhost cost around three to five bucks a month and you get to have your own web site.

Thanks for guide

Thank you for this clear post. It helped me a lot to make my first entry and made it possible to introduce myself including a picture 

You don't need a imagehoster. You can upload directly.

I cannot upload some photos. I can upload other photos. I have some photos that are 2 MB but they are not uploading to But I have 8 MB pictures that do upload. Maybe there is a pixel limit.

Fantastic, it served me just right. Great work