Earn & Mine Cryptocurrency (pi) online through your mobile phone...!!! Earn 1 pi free using the referral code ' ansafmohdpt '

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Now you can earn cryptocurrency through your mobile phone!!!
No need to leave your phone turned on. Only one login per day is enough!

YES. The pi coin is still on phase 2 and they are giving free mining for all the registering users. You guys can use the link attached to this post and entering the referral code ' ansafmohdpt ' .

This will give you 1 Pi coin for free and 0.04 Coin/Hour extra mining !! Even in the start you will have 0.25Pi Coin/ Hour . ie., 6 coins per day. You need comeback after 24 hours to confirm you are in active state. You can close the app from background and it doesn't need any of your processor speed !!! It works on cloud for free. You only need to login.

Infact there is no cost for us!! Also No need of high speed system also... even a Phone with a ram of 1gb can operate this app with great efficiency. As I told processor speed never affect mining its all about your network. Also only 2 million more miners are allowed. 8 out of 10 million is filled!!! Join asap!! links and my current status below!


Download through the given link and get 1 Pi free in your wallet! Don't forget the referral code !! It's 'ansafmohdpt'
Both in Android & iOS

You can even download from its website:

Join ASAP because miner program will be closed soon!!!


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