4 ways to prevent seasickness!

in picks •  2 years ago

1.Watch what you eat! One of the reasons people were seasick is that exaggerates the manancatul. When the boat hit the waves are strong and foods high in fat creates a whirlwind around the stomach, water on the head. Also avoid sugar that makes you feel dizzy.
2.Without alcohol. Alcohol can cause you seasick on dry land, and the effects are more serious in the ocean, so avoid consuming alcoholic beverages of any kind (including rum!).
3.Just eat crackers. An old sailor myth says that when the big swirl, eat only crackers. Personally I think a complete and healthy diet helps to prevent seasickness, but others say they just pass them on crackers.
4.Watch the horizon! When a boat sailing on a rough sea, everything is moving. The only thing that is stationary and you will reset horizon is often internal balance.

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Thank you for posting these great tidbits. Looking forward to keeping eyes on the horizon.