The Golden Ratio Formation of the Earth's Crust

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The Earth's crust formed in a golden ratio spiral. The spiral, which has its nucleus in Africa, continues outward.

Africa with Golden Ratio.png

Next in the spiral is South America which was cradled along the western side of the continent by Central America, which wrapped around the continent. And then it extended through North America and through Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

Earth spiral growth.png

The Earth used to be a single landmass, undivided. Pangaea had no oceans. Continents were fractured apart when the Earth expanded. This did not arbitrarily occur but rather did so according to the phi ratio growth pattern of the Earth. The Pacific Ocean formed at the overall weakest region in the structural integrity of the crust of the Earth--the region between North America, Australia, Antarctica, and Asia. This is because it was where the golden ratio growth of the Earth spiraled around and wrapped on itself. Boundaries are locations most susceptible to current flows.

For more information, see Ancient Dwarka: The Secrets of Mount Girnar

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