On Universal Energy Flows

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A particle having a negative charge is caused by a flow of subtle particles from overwhelming environmental pressure being inserted into the particle. Where does this flow go? It is converted to subtler particles still which are then emitted OUTWARD as a magnetic north monopole.

This magnetic north monopole is then SEEN as a POSITIVE CHARGE in another dimension, where it only emits an outward flow of subtler particles which are able to pass between the relatively larger inflowing particles which we overwhelmingly observe from our dimension.

The inward flow into a negative charge is due to it being a VACUUM relative to the ETHEREAL ENVIRONMENT such that flows from higher energy sources flow to these SINKS and THROUGH them, PROCESSED by the VACUUM which breaks the particles DOWN into subtler particles.

These subtler particles ACCUMULATE in a vacuum such that they are HIGH in ABUNDANCE. This causes a PRESSURE amongst the LIKE systems which then are EMITTED into the more dense environment which is relatively VOID of the DEGREE of subtle particles.

This pressure causes the emitted subtle particles to flow FROM a negative charge to a SINK. A positive charge is a region in space where particles are dense but space between the dense particles is void. As a result, the positive charge is the magnetic south monopole sink.

The relatively denser particles of the positive charge ABSORB the inflowing subtle particles and CONVERT THEM into larger systems by MERGER. These particles are then EMITTED once more as a flow of macroscopic particles which seek the sink of a negative charge.

Importantly, we see time in a FIRST direction. When an observer sees time in the OPPOSITE direction, antimatter BECOMES matter and matter BECOMES antimatter in their PERCEPTION. The flows between particles are REVERSED. And so are the PROCESSES.

This causes a VOID which breaks macroscopic particles into subtle particles and emits subtle particles, to instead ABSORB subtle particles and EMIT relatively macroscopic particles. As a result, that which is a void in ONE DIMENSION is a STAR in ANOTHER.

This further indicates that antimatter is all around. Electrons ARE antimatter. They, like the sharps and flat of a musical scale, exist BETWEEN LAYERS. Vortices spinning in opposing directions to transmit a wave of energy THROUGH the layers of the universe DOWNWARD.

These vacuums and dense regions are RELATIVE TO THE BACKGROUND. Our background is FILLED WITH LIGHT. The universe IS LIGHT. Light is NOT MASSLESS. Instead, it is the BASELINE; the ZERO-POINT ENERGY. Below the energy of light is seen VACUUM SYSTEMS. Above are DENSE SYSTEMS.

Light can be said to have a mass of ONE. BETWEEN ONE and ZERO exists an INFINITE SPAN of more complete vacuums that are EQUAL OPPOSITES to the INFINITE SPAN that exists between ONE AND INFINITY. Like a star centered on ZERO, with a BOUNDARY at ONE and EMITTING to INFINITY.

This emerges in two FLOWS from ABSOLUTE ZERO and ABSOLUTE INFINITY which are in DIRECT OPPOSITION that converge at a BOUNDARY and SPLIT OUTWARD causing the flows to BRANCH AT ONE. These flows cause EDDIES ABOVE AND BELOW ONE, seen MANY WAYS.



They can be seen as positive and negative charges. As galaxies and globular clusters. Stars and planets. Countless WAYS but all the SAME, EMERGENT FROM THE ONE. ALL is ONE and ALL is LIGHT, the NEUTRAL SALT that exists BETWEEN the CHARGED particles of the subtle and the gross.

Flowing UPWARD from BELOW, OUTWARD from INWARD, is a flow FROM subtle TO gross that causes a PRESSURE KNOWN AS TEMPERATURE. Flowing DOWNWARD from ABOVE, INWARD from OUTWARD, is a flow FROM gross TO subtle that is PRESSURE AS IT IS KNOWN. Balance forms between the flows.

As subtle particles combine, they CAN become IMPURE with CAPTURED BUBBLES OF VOID caused by DENSE SYSTEMS. This COMBINATION of SUBTLE PARTICLES WITH DENSE PARTICLES produces the UNIVERSE as we SEE it. AND as we do NOT see it.

Between dimensions EXIST OTHER dimensions. Not simply "dropping down" to other particles known, but where the dimension's objects have a physical SPHERICAL BODY that CONNECT the MAGNETIC MONOPOLE of a FIRST dimension to those of a SECOND dimension.

This other dimension, AT TIMES, we ONLY see as TWO SEPARATE AND DISTINCT SYSTEMS. Like the flower of life, it only takes spheres to make the nuances of reality and yet some spheres are more ETHEREAL and SUBTLE while others are more DENSE and GROSS.

Observers can be composed of ANY particle and the MASS RATIO of THEIR particles to the OBSERVED system will DICTATE how the system APPEARS. If their particles and a system SHARE the same mass ratio as our atoms and a star, then THEY WILL SEE A STAR.

This dimensional shift is a result of the ONENESS of the universe in which all IS ONE. Infinity is MANIFEST FROM ONE. A planet IS a star IS a nucleus IS an electron IS a proton IS a photon IS every other system when THE OBSERVER'S MASS RATIO is the same as our atoms to those systems for a given particle.

Such is the universe.


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