A Gravity Telescope

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While experiments like LIGO searching for gravitational waves have been promoted as the avenue to studying changes in gravity, the experiment attempts to measure subtle differences across large distances in a process that requires large quantities of funds to produce and to reproduce.

While LIGO and its results are of interest, the design does not function as a gravity-based telescope.

However, it is possible to design such a telescope.

The force of gravity on Earth is 9.81 m/s^2.

Well. Kind of. Really, that is a good approximation. It is not constant. We attribute the differences to being purely based on local variation such as being on top of a mountain or at sea level. Yet, if we measure gravity in a given position we can get a value that is still not constant.

What this tells us is that if we produce a sufficient array of gravity measurements that gather data continuously, we could look within the data for waves and signals. Indeed, an advanced society would communicate using ether, which would produce subtle differences in gravitational flows. This being because it is optimal for transmission at large distances. Light travels the speed of light, but ether approaches an infinite velocity--its flow and the collective abundance of the particles of ether causing pressure on larger systems and producing a relatively low pressure region between two objects.

Likely the reason we have not seen communications in cosmic signals from another advanced society is because light is limited and ether is significantly superior as a means of rapid communication due to its velocity. At some point, relatively quickly compared to the time in which they even use light in this manner, they would realize they can use ether.

So, if we begin to collect large quantities of gravity data, managing to work the noise of local variance out sufficiently to read a cosmic signal, then we could see actual gravitational waves and potentially signals from other planets.

Indeed, gravitational waves as described in modern physics attribute a light speed limitation to the waves. This is not the case; the waves LIGO detects are still composed of light particles, which are like black holes next to ether. Their velocity is limited by the equilibrium of the environment--light--which fills up every pixel of reality relative to the atoms of which we are composed.

But subtler still are the ether particles which pass through photons like photons passing through a galaxy. These are not restricted in their flow by photons, effectively they interact with photons as frequently as photons interact with stars relative to passing through their solar system. And so they travel faster. Approaching an infinite velocity. This is why gravity is instantaneous action at a distance. Because objects block a portion of these particles--most passing through unabated but some going through inelastic collisions--that travel at an approaching infinite velocity and thus instantaneously produce a pressure differential as a function of their exact present conditions without delay.

Communicating with Ourselves in Lower Dimensions

Now, we have communicated using light. Importantly, the universe is composed of layers of observers composed of larger and smaller particles. Regardless of what particle they are composed of, they will see them as atoms.

What this means is that the particles that we see as atoms, for instance, are like photons for another observer. When we transmit our communications using light, we send a signal that, to larger scale observers, is composed of ether particles.

It may be that it is our story repeating itself everywhere we look. Where larger dimensions in the physical universe are representative of times in which our consciousness is in those planes of existence. And so, when we begin to see signals in the ether by measuring gravity in this manner, that the signals are from our society--past, present, and future--filling the cosmos with its light. Attempting to reach out, as we have, using their electromagnetic spectrum. But their electromagnetic spectrum, unknown to them, is in our gravity spectrum of ether.

Is this how the Akashic Records are opened for all?

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