LET: Low-Temperature Electron Transport | Chapter 1 - Abstract

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Low-Temperature Electron Transport, or LET, is a field of Physics that lies within Condensed Matter [1]. This series will be a full, formal Scientific Report on an experiment that I have done, that investigates LET. It will be broken down into 6 main chapters; Abstract, Introduction, Experimental Techniques, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Appendix. Any images that have not been referenced have been created by myself and any references will be shown at the bottom of the article.

1 - Abstract

The Purpose of this experiment was to investigate the low-temperature electron transport (LET) of metal, alloy, kondo and superconductor samples, all of varying thicknesses. This was achieved with the use of a dip-probe, a liquid helium container and a computer software that controls various pieces of equipment and uses them to take measurements and record data. These instruments made it possible to investigate the temperature dependence of each sample’s surface conductivity. From temperatures ranging from 300K down to 4.2K; it was discovered that the behaviour of the metal samples could be explained using the Bloch Gruneisen function. Similarly, the Kondo and Superconductor samples followed this trend, up until temperatures dropped below 10K. The Alloy sample’s surface conductivity varied. These trends followed through for all thicknesses of samples used. This paper will delve into the Physics behind LET and why such trends were observed.

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[1]: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0038109882902411

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