Which is better to profit from, physical silver or the SLV etf?

in physical •  3 years ago 

I know that is a loaded question and many on here are expecting to hear the same mantra that of course it is always better to hold physical than paper. I tend to agree with that premise, but are there actually times when the reverse may be true? Without a doubt. All of us know someone who stays home and sits in front of his/her computer all day long on one of the many retail trading platforms,( in and of itself a good topic of discussion might be which one actually does offer the most value for a home trader apart from all the commercialized hype but that is for another time. ) The question is which investment is better. Real or paper? The answer like much of life depends entirely upon timing. If you asked me this question a month ago then the answer would have been without a doubt physical and not paper. Why? Because a month ago I would have had no way of knowing that the silver market would still be going up, let alone even being open to trade. But what if you asked me which one I should have invested in today with the advantage of hindsight? Then there is no doubt my cash should have went to the SLV fund. Why? Don't they both go up in tandem? Yes almost always but because paper is much cheaper and easier to get in and out of it is a superior trading vehicle. If you time the "market" right (quotes because there is no longer a true market anymore,) you can do much better getting in and out of the market with a click of a mouse. Provided you do this well. This means staying abreast of all world trends which means following the major markets worldwide 24/7 and also the big boys (JPM GS, etc.) which is really one and the same. You can stand to make some cash or even a lot depending upon your degree of risk aversion. So which strategy is better right now at the present time? Same answer. I still prefer physical. Since I have no way of knowing what is going to happen tomorrow let alone next month physical is still my favorite. Why? Because physical is really nothing more than insurance. If you have ever traded on the nyse you know that paper stocks can vanish from the market faster than a gas soaked dollar bill before a hot flame. Many of you already know exactly what I am talking about. I am still waiting for my cut from some of the class action suits of small gas and mining companies that I had stock in that suddenly mysteriously went bankrupt out of the blue. Oh well, we shall see. In the mean time it is always a good idea to be diversified in your holdings. (Land, cash, stocks, bonds, precious metals, heck even chickens!)I know this is not glamorous but it is good advice, no one but God knows what the future will bring. Thanks for reading, perhaps someone may have gotten just one iota of understanding from this post.DSCI0067.JPG

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