You are wasting your life if?

in #phycology3 years ago
  1. You masturbate regularly, you think of not repeating but you repeat it right? Yeah, you are wasting your life and energy too.

  2. Check whatsapp,fb and instagram for every five minutes, even though there are no important matters running in them.

  3. Simply spend time in about planning something rather than working out for the plan.

  4. Get up after 6 AM in the morning. Most of the unsuccesful people get up after 6 AM.

  5. Do Not read anything in a day.

  6. Do not exercise.Not exercising daily is also a clear sign that you are wasting your life.

  7. Eat junk foods and spending money without maintaining records and control.

  8. Watch porn regularly. It is a very bad habbit because of what you want to mastubate which results in energyless ness and disinterest in other core aspects of life.

  9. Skip breakfast because of your lazyness.

  10. Let out oppurtunities without adequate preparation.

  11. You are not in a mood to accept responsibilities.

  12. Think of executing other plans while doing one work.

Masturbation and watching porn spoils the quality of your living. You should stop them now itself. To become successful you should know what are your comfort zones. You should always stay away from them.


It's disastrous doing one or more of the aforementioned, let's stay away from it

Timely advice to avoid killer of life and destiny

Call them bad choices