flower photography is a very interesting job in my life

in phto •  6 months ago

flower photography. Everybody loves flowers because flower is symbol of love and flowers always sacrifice their life. There many types of flowers. But these flower photo are taken from my garden for my steem friends. Every flower has its own sweet smell that it blowing us with their sweet smell. Gardening is a good job . i love gardening because, the gardening is another incoming source and also i get free sweet smell of the flower. Everyone feel very happy entering in the garden. Sometime many children are playing in the garden that is very enjoying to me. Every children like flowers so much. One of my niece come to me and he ask me to go to garden and playing with him. then i get a chance to play with him. That is very interesting. Thanks steemians







Camera: handicam H100 panasonic

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Beautiful and lovely flowers the flowers look charming and nice. Quality and clear photos @deguerido

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this is some alienate photography on display. the flowers look impressive and extremely beautiful. great captures.