Beautiful garden flowers that i have shoted from friend's garden. Do not forget to enjoy it

in pht •  6 months ago

Flower photography: Flower can blow our mind with their sweetest smell. One day i have gone to my friend house. I saw there a garden that he maintain it. i was so astonished to see their garden flowers. All flowers were blooming at that time.

I have collect these flower photo from my friend garden that is awesome. My friend is an engineer and his wife is a doctor that is nice couple and they have a cute baby. I had asked him about gardening, how can you maintain this beautiful garden. He said to me that not only he works in the garden, both he and his wife take care of this awesome garden. So i have collected some photos for my steemians friend. Thanks everyone who are enjoying my post.

Camera: Handicam H100 Panasonic






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que colores tan hermosos esas flores tambien se dan aqui en mi Venezuela linda

Human debt to flowers is eternal. The flowers are coming to the delight of the beauty of the sun. When people decorate those flowers with the intent of their talent, taste and mind, their appeal is different. Ruppiyasiye man has repeatedly submitted himself to the plea of the Manoranjan of flowers.

Its looks like u put alot of work into it!

Such a pretty small garden @deguerido

Yay this is an amazing flowers and their smell is also perfect.. Your photography is awesome..

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Really a fabelous garden😱😱😱😱

Awesome content. Well done

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The composition, color and contrast is great! Very artful. You are talented.