The four most commonly used PHP extensions

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 PHP is a very popular programming language, it is mainly used in web development, interface development, etc., it is so popular, the most fundamental reason is that it provides a lot of extensions. With these extensions we can easily implement a lot of functionality, let's talk about some of the commonly used PHP extensions.

Arrays extension

 This extension provides a number of processing functions for array type data, such as sorting, key and value lookup, array elements and calculations, and so on.

Ctype extension

 The extension provides basic data validation, such as all-lowercase letters, all-uppercase letters, alphanumeric combination validation, and so on. 

SimpleXML extension

 This extension provides the simplest set of XML handler functions, such as generating XML and parsing XML data.

Filter extension

 This extension provides data filtering and verification capabilities, such as URL, e-mail email address IP address and so on.

 I hope you open the PHP reference manual and take a closer look at these extensions.

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