📷 bwphotocontest photo contest -"Past And Present Times?" - March 2017, Cambodia #44.

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Impressions of Phnom Penh in Black&White.

Hanging around in the city with our old Honda dream, feeling the winds that blow in Cambodia.

The new Phnom Penh is emerging on the horizon with the huge architectural structures of Diamond Island - Koh Pich.




What will become of these old buildings dating from the French colonial era...


Past and present times?

Our entries to the #bwphotocontest. Challenge organised by @daveks - B&W Photo Contest New Theme Announcement - ARCHITECTURE.

Prize sponsor : @papa-pepper
Judge : @boddhisattva

Photos Credits: NataleeOliver.

To be continued...

"Diamond Island": Movie made by Davy Chou in 2016.

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amazing.... this post is so awesome.



Thank you. :)

wow nice colours amazing click @nataleeoliver


Thank you much.

Amazing photos! What camera are you using? Thanks so much for the post.


Thanks for your comment.

I am using a basic camera from Nikon.