Steemit Philippines Street Photography #123 - by Allmonitors

in photosoftheday •  6 months ago

#123 - Looks dangerous but this kid is having a good time. I was also doing this kind of ride when I was in highschool.


Image/s were shot using SBD paid Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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This is to risky

  1. anything can happen
  2. their is too many cars around him ,if he falls he could be crushed
  3. if the vehicle has a sudden brake he can fall off
  4. the wind can blow anything into his eyes or ears

I would never allow my kid to do this.


Yes those are the possibilities yet some kids are stubborn 😅. I was doing this too during my childhood, the adrenalin rush was what I am after back then. Glad I made it.😊

Yes this is risky but funny .