Dispersion effect using photoshop

in #photoshop7 years ago

This pic was one of my first attempts in photoshop, which made me realise the huge possibilities of photoshop

This particular effect is called dispersion/scatter effect which is achieved by few same layers of the same pic and a specific brush tool as per as the effect needed .


Looks cool isn't it ? Like having a own sci fi poster XD
Let me know if you like it or want to your own image like that, will help you with that
Till then have a great time, keep steeming , upvote me and all the good ones..take care !

YOu should do a vid showing others who are new to this ;)
I started learning PhotoShop back in '08' but then making music took 0ver. Now, 3l0ckchain ;D
Thx f0r opening up my awareness with Photoshop again. Nice effect

That's cool..would love to see your music talent on steemit too :D Thanks for checking out the post

Cool... good job

That's such a brilliant effect!!! Would love to see more pictures with this effect!!! Great going, keep it up, Vishal! :)
Much Love!

Thank you! will do that soon.

Looking forward !
Cheers! :)

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