I am taking steps to become an anonymous living organ donor

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I am writing the story about what brought me to the decition to donate my organs while I am still alive, It is not ready to post yet. It will be tagged under Technology and Spirituality.

This post is about photo manipulation. After I registered to become a donor after I die and while I am still alive. I was offered an oppertunity to create a campaign about my choice. I need a logo or header photo. I created this.


The book is titled "Your Akashic Record" on one side of the scale, and on the other side is a woman who represents good and evil.

Can anyone tell me by looking at this photo why I have made this choice? What is your opinion about using this photo... and what message do you think I am trying to send?

Thanks for reading!

I will post the answers to the questions I just asked in my next post.


are you sending out that you are happy to help out in life and death and finding a inner balance ? sorry not very good at this sort of thing x

I wish you well , on that path x