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This post is about androids.... or is it Cyborgs? I can never remember the difference. Okay. I googled it. Android is a robot with a human appearance. Think Data from Star Trek. A cyborg is a human with robotic parts, like Cyborg in Teen Titans. Well, this post is about both cyborgs and androids. Specifically it is about sharing my photoshop cyborgs and androids.

If you are into photoshop, you might have noticed there are a bunch of youtube tutorials on how to use photoshop to create adroid/cyborg photo manipulation art. Random thing I've noticed is that a good many of these are of sexy ladies barring a lot of skin. Not that I'm judging. But if that's what your hoping for, I'm fresh out of sexy lady cyborgs. Though I did create one shirtless male cyborg. Part man, part car engine. He's a dream boat, isn't he? :P


I have to admit, when I started photoshopping robotic people, I wasn't using high resolution images... I was stealing family members photos off of facebook. I'm just that professional. ;) Below is my older sister, Kelleen.


The handsome looking Terminator in the next picture is my older brother Brendan. Of course Terminators don't need to smoke. He just wanted to blend in with the humans. :) I still hadn't mastered the effect of depth in this picture. But a friend was advising me on how to make the hole in his head look less like a sticker that had been slapped on his face, and I think it turned out better than it would have been with out that friends help. This is still something I think many aspiring android photomanipulators struggle with. How to make the robot parts look real and natural, and not like they are just painted over top of skin.


Here is a cyborg I made of myself. Not worth mentioning much here, other than the hand looks good. hehe


I've taken a good long break from these robotic characters, and finally yesterday tried my hand at making one again. Though it's been many many months, I'd like to think that I have improved some. I think with every youtube photoshop tutorial a person does, they get a little better. And one day, with enough practice, I hope to make pictures that can pass as professional photo manipulations. Well, here is my first android of 2018. Hope you like her!!

Cyborg 2018.jpg


That picture of your older brother might be the wrong one. It looks like a woman to me. Awesome work though.

Actually, think you just missed the photo :)

Thank you! I totally missed that! Phew. Got it fixed. :)

Cool, is the top one yours too? If that's from elsewhere, it might be worth sticking the source on there ;)

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with robots, androids, cyborgs, you name it. The mechanical and autonomous is both intriguing and intimidating. There is a new video game called DETROIT: Become Human that you might really like.

Great! You going to buy it?

It's not available for the Nintendo Switch, so the answer is likely no. Sorry.

And you gotta love a little H.R. Giger Biomechanoid :)


This post really pressurised my pneumatic systems. What amazing work! I have re-steemed this on the @steemsearch blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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Fun idea!

WOuld be cool to see a series of sort of exoskeleton type enhancements. Or, here’s something i was daydreaming about, what about creative enhancements that are more outside the box-like a human with a solar panel or a sort of chloroplast attachment. Or maybe something that would help the elderly maintain their mobility. I don’t know, but there’s talent here, go wild.

Sounds like a good idea. I never thought about doing one of these type photos with an elderly person. Challenge accepted! :D

Looking forward to it! Let me know if you need to bounce ideas around!

Great! Sounds like a plan. :D

I posted an old man cyborg thanks to you. Check it out. :)

I love how it looks so real

Wow .. the photos are really cool .. you have to follow it unconditionally.

Awesome you got "curied"! :) You've got a really creative mind and unique talent so you should really be curied :) You have given us a picture of the future!

Is "curied" like being featured? And thank you! Woo hoo!

Check @curie I think they are a team who look for high quality but undervalued posts within 24 hours :) Congratulations!

Awesome! Thank you for the information!

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