These 51 Pictures of Neelum Valley Pakistan Tell Why It Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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 There is hardly any place in the world that is as beautiful as the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The place is blessed with some of the most magnificent scenery you will ever get to see. The valley is named after the Neelum river which flows through the valley. If you were wondering where to go during your coming holidays, your search should be over after watching these 51 amazing pictures of Neelum Valley. These pictures will inspire you to visit this heavenly place and take some amazing photographs and make some amazing memories with your loved ones in this spectacular valley.

 Here are  pictures of Neelum Valley that tell why it should be your next Holiday destination.51 – Neelum Valley is a 144 kilometres long bow-shaped thick forested region in Azad Kashmir. 


  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with dense forests, several scenic villages, and some spectacular water bodies. 

 Neelum Valley is named after the Neelum river which flows through the length of the valley. 

 Here is a traditional hut in Arang Kel area of Neelum Valley. 

 This is the beautiful Sharda Bridge in Sharda, Neelum Valley. 

 Other than the spectacular views, you will also get to see some amazing wildlife in Neelum Valley. 

  Neelum Valley is situated in the North-East of Muzaffarabad. 

 44 – This is a traditional wooden house surrounded by forest in Arang Kel. 

 43 – Here’s a group of local girls walking by the river. 

  A beautiful suspension bridge in Taobat area of Neelum Valley. 

 41 – Here’s a spectacular aerial view of Taobat. 

  Neelum Valley runs parallel to Kaghan Valley. 

  Neelum Valley and Kaghan Valley are separated by snow-covered peaks. Some peaks are more than 4,000 meters above sea level. 

 There are many beautiful lakes in Neelum Valley. This is Saral Lake. 

 Wherever you will go in Neelum Valley, you will get to see the beauty of the mountains and the Neelum river. 

 Here’s a spectacular view of a peak between Taobat and Gagai. 

 Another amazing view of a peak between Taubat and Gagai. 

  The wooden houses in Neelum Valley compliment the beauty of the area. 

 33 – One of the main sources of income for the locals is cattle. 

 There are many rest houses and lodges of the AJK Tourism and Archeology Department in Keran, Kuton, Dawarrian, Sharda, Taobat, and Kel. You can choose to stay in these rest houses and lodges during your trip to Neelum Valley. 

 31 – This Trek leads to Chitta Katha Lake. 

 30 – Many people earn their living via farming. 

 There are some private hotels in Neelum valley as well. 

 So when do you plan to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Neelum Valley? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. 

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Wow these pictures are stunning, thanks for sharing them! It's amazing how beautiful some places on earth are. It's also sad to think that humans are responsible for the destruction of many of these beautiful places. Let's hope we can one day live alongside nature in a way that allows nature to do it's thing and create amazing scenery like this.


Yes Pakistan is Blessed with these beauties

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I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

sure is one of my next travel destanations! stunning shots
i will appreciate it if you guys check out my pfotography (:

Beautiful place to visit!

Very nice place
i need nature ^_^