Hopi Burger Anyone?

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Today, my friends, is all about food. We are traveling and since my last time in this area, I wanted to go to the Hopi museum, motel, and restaurant.

Not so much to the motel, but very much to the restaurant. Today was the day and we were not disappointed.

Since we skipped breakfast and got a later start than planned, we were pretty hungry when we arrived. The rules were posted on the Museum and were pretty strict. * Don’t take photos.

  • Don’t sketch anything or anybody.
  • Don’t pick up anything.
  • Leave our sacred places alone.
  • Don’t walk along the foot path.

The later was a bit of a surprise. We figured they were saying to stay within the complex - the rest is private and for Hopis only.

I can respect that. And they were more than willing to share their food.

I ordered the combination of lamb stew with Hopi taco, and my husband ordered a Hopi Burger.

The food took a while to come to the table. It was made fresh and so, so very delicious.

I thought that the lamb stew was the best I have had and he left the same about the burger - maybe because we both were very hungry. But I do think we would have liked them as much without being hungry.

For sure a place to come back to. If you find yourself on Highway 264 , look for the big red building on the North side of the street and check it out.

Here is a link for you [to check out](HOPI CULTURAL CENTER RESTAURANT & INN $131 ($̶1̶4̶1̶) - Updated 2019 Prices & Motel Reviews - Arizona/Kykotsmovi Village - TripAdvisor

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