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Last night I was over on Ouderzijds Voorburgwal near the Prinsenhof Inloophuis (drop in center) and my friend Andre pointed out how pretty the sky was, so I wanted to get a photo and show you all :)

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OH! I almost forgot. The new rom on my sony m2 aqua has a much better camera, android 6 standard camera I think. It allows me to set almost everything, including the ISO ASA or whatever it is. This is why the photo is a bit grainy, it is a very short exposure. Not really high enough resolution to replicate short exposure time film effect on a big print but fine for a screen. I like this look, but the big advantage is zero motion blur (3200 it is set at, which I think means like 100x shorter than standard 100, or something).

Oh also I took 3 snaps in quick succession and I think I really need to get a tripod and remote trigger. It can manually capture about 1 picture a second, which is much faster than on the old version. Then I could make sorta stop motion animations or such with a gif maker :)

Although, that jaunty style has some advantages and high shutter speed means no blur. It does have full HD video and image stabilisation too. I should play with it.

We can't stop here! This is Whale country!

Loki was born in Australia, now is wandering Amsterdam again after 9 months in Sofia, Bulgaria. IT generalist, physics theorist, futurist and cyber-agorist. Loki's life mission is to establish a secure, distributed layer atop the internet, and enable space migration, preferably while living in a beautiful mountain house somewhere with a good woman, and lots of farm animals and gardens, where he can also go hunting and camping.

I'm a thoughtocaster, a conundrummer in a band called Life Puzzler. I've flipped more lids than a monkey in a soup kitchen, of the mind. - Xavier, Renegade Angel


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Ah yes. Very pretty sky. nice photo

You doing OK?
Your serenity post had me wondering about hypo-thermia.

I got, I guess, bronchitis. I have been getting better and I have a story about a big improvement last night, a very comfy mat of sorts under me.

After the beginning of december I will sleep every night inside.

good, gonna be a long cold winter I'm told.

this might sound crazy. (it is)
YOu might consider this or even this

It would be awesome to travel back to Serbia on the Danube though! I have no idea what border controls are like on the continent rivers though.

always government isn't it? always causing a problem.

Noticed it here in the north east of Netherland too. But did not take a picture, luckily you did. Beautifull shot.

nice photo. I like it :)

Beautiful shot. Nicely done l0k1


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