My Favorite Photo of the Week on Steemit--Lhokseumawe Sunset

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The photo below was taken by, @nasrulnazar95 Their post was also a, TIFO (today I found out). Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh Special District, in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia. A side note is, Sumatra is one of my favorite dark roasts.

The population, as of 2014, is 180,200. The total area is 69.91 square miles. It’s -77 elevation. Being between Banda Aceh & the large southern city of Medan, the town is a vital district center central to the economy of Aceh.

The name of Lhokseumawe came from the words "Lhok" and "Seumawe". "Lhok" means deep, bay, ocean trenches and Lhokseumawe means the swirling water in the sea along the offshore of Banda Sakti and its environs.

The city was formerly part of North Aceh Regency. The area is linked to the arrival of the empire Samudera Pasai around the 13th century. Which later came under the dominion of Sultanate of Aceh in 1511. The Sultanate of Aceh was established by Sultan Ali Mughayatsyah in 1511. Later, during its golden era, in the 17th century, its territory and political effect expanded as far as Satun in southern Thailand, Johor in Malay Peninsula, and Siak in what is today the jurisdiction of Riau. This is just some brief information. If you want to know more, please go to:


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Beautiful photo. Congratulations.

Hi, as I mentioned, @nasrulnazar95 took it. I just wanted to share it & include some info of the area. Do check out more of their photos & other posts.

osume photo!!!!

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