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CameraNikon D90
LensHelios 44-2 (modified)
Focal Length58mm

You can check more of my work on Instagram as well.

Black 3 .jpg


Yet again, beautiful. I'd be really interested what modifications you have done to the Helios. Im looking at getting some kind of vintage russian glass soon for some cool bokeh but not sure exactly what to look for at the moment.

if you want to play with modifications get Helios 44 (44-2 and 44-4 are i think the easiest to mod). and it is super cheap.
Took a quick look but i am not sure what camera do you use, so be aware that Nikon cameras have a problem with infinite focus on m42 mounts.


I use a Canon 60D. Do you know what sort of mods people do. I did read somewhere about reversing the front element.

i seen some crazy things, but with my knowledge i only did reversing the front element (i think that this photo was done with that mode). I do want to try reversing the back element as it does not look that hard but i still did not try it.
And for your 60d you just get an adapter for the m42 mount and you are good to go. it is fun lens but i bit hard to focus.

The modification is really easy, I have just flipped over the front lens. But in this case, the effect is not from the lens, but from an app I use on my iPad. If you want I can tell you more on DM on Discord. ;)

I've DM'd you on Discord :) Thanks for the offer of more information :)

Very cool. Resteemed!

Thank you :)

great composition for the modification!

That's pretty insane. :D Is there any camera movement, or is that just a lens effect?

Thank you :) The effect comes from a modified lens and a special app.

Ah! Like it. :)

How did you even do this? I love this photo SO much. Very well done.

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