Chhukung Ri

in photomag •  4 months ago

One of my personal favorites as it represents almost four weeks of hard work to get the shot. Our sherpas in the frame were waiting patiently for me while taking a 'photo' break to catch my breath a short distance from summit of Chhukung Ri (5546m or 18200ft) on the right. The incredible spire of Ama Dablam (6856m) rising above the cloud filled valley in the background. Only half the oxygen available at 5000m when compared to sea level. Everest Region, Nepalese Himalayas, Nepal. Shot on Fuji Velvia slide film.


Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

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Stunning photo right here! Is portable oxygen tank recommended at this altitude ?


No you would not normally need oxygen until above 7.5- 8km


U ever been that high ?


As I say in the post all the pictures I post are my photos. You seem to post this same comment just to spam people and then have up-votes onto the comment. Perhaps read the post first before just cut and pasting.


even i am one of the biggest fan of photo graphy, thats why i generally go on people post and ask to them, about the picture and by the way, the persons who upvote on my post is all my class mates, and i just send him a screenshot in the group and really i don't know why thay all upvote
on my comment, may be they all respect me.


It is clear you did not even read the post with your question. So please don't just cut and paste the same question over and over again its an insult and nothing more than spam.

That view is really amazing :)


Stunning photo of what must've been an amazing experience! On my wish list.....

@intrepidphotos , I saved this in my gallery. What a expensive shot! 👍


Cheers mate

Great shot. I did the Cho-La Pass last year which was about the same altitude. Quite an epic adventure


Yes I have done the Chi La . Such a beautiful part of the world.

Really spectacular shot @intrepidphotos :D
Great work!

Ooh, my God. That is definitely a speechless beauty. Just getting to the point where you can take that photo is truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks. It’s a special part of the world .

This is very beautiful photography. i like this beautiful place and picture.

Nepal is my favorite country which I happily visit again. I've only been in Annapurna area. I am planning to go to the Everest area next. Is this part of the trek to Everest base camp or it is side trek? Great shot! :)


This is a side trek to base camp. It is up towards island peak base camp if you google that .

Wow what an experience to climb that high and see that amazing landscape. Beautiful.


Thanks . It was one of the most amazing things I have done .

Resteemed. My brother is in Nepal right now and every time he goes he come back with some amazing shots.


Thanks! It is indeed a special part of the world. I would love to go back.

That's insane, and I love it!


Thanks mate

What an incredible landscape and the sheer force it took for those mountains to be there much like your journey to the top, is spectacular. Have always wanted to visit Nepal


Thanks. Hope you get a chance to one day.

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Unbelievable to what "heights" you are pushing yourself to get an amazing shot 🙂

An entire adventure story of persistence and hardship must lie behind this image. I would like to see more pictures of what must have been a trip of a lifetime of yours!


Thanks. I will post some more up. I have had the slides scanned recently and will post them as I get a chance to edit them.