La mejor de todas las fotógrafas.

Impecable trabajo, hasta miedo me dio JAJAJA. Que buenas tomas Gaby, extraordinario talento que nos brindas. Que orgullosa estaría tu mami de ver lo que has logrado con tu talento en la fotografía... un abrazo :D

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Really impressive strobist pictures ... They really have a creepy side but they exactly remind me tjedis which have chosen the bad side in the starwars movies...Meanwhile you chose great lighting and also sharing the lighting position is really useful for the strobist photographers....Have a nice day...

I'm so bad at indoor photography, I have a hard time taking good product pictures for my website. Followed, maybe I can learn something ! lol

The warm light on the hands is really amazing.

Scary and fun.

wowow great !

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