Catch 22 in photography...

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Someone once told me, i didn’t have a style in my photography because I do macro, sometimes portraits, lots of nature, animals and streetphotography.
I was told I needed to be more recognizable. But what exactly does that mean?


I often asked myself what that question actually encompassed... What does it mean to stick to one type of photography?
Do my picture need to look more similar?


I don’t know yet...

You can identify top photographers by their photos but did they start with that style or did they find it most appealing to themselves? Or was the reaction to this type of photography the greatest? So was choosing that style a choice or a necessity?

Is finding a style also being bound to a style? Social media has given a rise to a billion daily photos... just imagine. So what does it take to actually be a photographer?

I don’t know..


I decided that I would still take photos of everything I see as being of some value to me. I wouldnt stick to one style. I would still go out and take photos of everything i like. My photos represent the way that I see the world. For now, that will be my style :))

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