Some Memorable moments of my life ||Algunos momentos memorables de mi vida||

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As everyone in life keep memories with themselves some of us when recall it it really hurt us beacuse the moments that was passed is never coiming back,the same situation is mine. I have alot of best memories even you can not imagine it and its really hurt me when i recall it, Sometime i really cry to burn down my memories.
Today i have some memories and moments that i want to share with you one by one. So lets begin.
i don't know that you read my post or notbut if you read it you would know that i am a traveller andkeeping keeninterest in photography so most pic i shared is fromphotography album too.
1.This picture was caught in kalam swat which is called switzearland of pakistan.i t is kept a big space in my heart because on this date there in kalam my cousin was stubborn to hike for a valley which is called the most beautiful valley of kalam and which was about 12km up in mountains. So we had hiked there for about 8 hours and which is the special memori=y of my life.
This picture is the part of hike and caught on the way there.
This picture is of up there when we reached there and get some food and rest then we had clicked it.
2.The 2nd best memory i had ever is when we (my brothers and nephews) visited to dam named kundal dam so it was a beautiful time with my brothers.

  1. This picture is from my armed college when i was studying in cadet college and there we were learning army training and it was best ever life and memories in my life as this picture describe by itself.
    4.Picture of gathering in my friends residency.It was a meetup and many of my best friends and friends of friends were there, So it kept a great place in my heart.
    5.This picture is aalso so special because it was an initial interview for selection in Army and after rocking it i caught this and believe me i was soo happy that time.
  2. As a traveller in my country were on a trip toa beautifull valley of kumrat so by passing badogai top we rested for a little up there and it was -3 there.
    This picture is so memoriable because we were not aware of weather there, we thought it would be noral but ehen we stepped out of the car we felt it and leaned about weather situation and most importantly we did not bring our jackets because the weather was normal down there.
    So it was alllfor some of my memories in my life and as i said it was just some memories not all of my memories.
    i will share more of my memories next time so please be in touch and stay connected.
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