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The Rock Cur roads of Pangi Kishtwar have become immensely popular of late. Not much was known about them way back in 2012 when we ventured on this road. Though this road is touted as one of the most dangerous roads of the world though this tricky stretch lasts only for a few hundred meters and beyond that, this road is a well-built and wide road.

Nonetheless, that doesn't take away the charm away from these rock cut wonders which have been built by hardworking laborers and engineers of the Road Department. Several people lost their lives while constructing this rock-cut wonder. It connects the remote Pangi Valley to the Gulabgarh Region of Himachal Pradesh.

With summers approaching fast in our side of Himalaya, this ride can be a ride of your lifetime and its worth all the effort and pain to ride to this point (and beyond) because the valley is beautiful and this road - awe inspiring.

*The Rock Cut Wonders

Rocky Overhangs Above Road

One can reach here by riding either from Himachal or J&K. The J&K ride would be relatively easier and less risky. Though from Himachal side, it would be little difficult because of the fragile rock and road conditions.

If you are interested in more details, you can refer my detailed travel guide for Rock Cut Roads of Pangi Kishtwar.

Rock Cut Roads - Quick Facts !!

LocationPangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh - India
Number of Days5-6 days ex. Delhi, Motorable Road, Plenty of Stay Options Enroute
Primary Trip AudienceAdventure Seekers, Bikers, Self Drive Enthusiasts
Budget Range$200 - $250
Altitude3200 Mtrs
Best Time to TravelJune, September - October

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Himachal Pradesh has many gem in his crown. One of the best gem from lap of Himachal. Thanks for sharing Badka ji.