Project #PhotoGuides (2) - A Wooden Wonder in the Himalaya!

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Devbhumi Himachal! (The Land of Deities)

That’s what my home is called. A land of mysterious beliefs, multitude of deities, and spectacular wooden abodes built for them hundreds of years ago. You will find stories from ancient times carved on a stone tower or exquisitely painted on wooden chambers of these ancient monuments.

These wooden temples are found all across the state, primarily in Kullu, Chamba, Mandi, Shimla, and Kinnaur. The landscape of these four districts is dotted with mountaintop wooden temples. Each one of these temples depicts the highest point of achievement of indigenous architecture during their respective era.

Here's one such wooden wonder that is probably one of the tallest such structure in the whole state. So much so that despite losing its top two storeys during the devastating 1905 earthquake, it still remains the tallest wooden temple of its kind.

Chehni Kothi Temple

Tower Temples of Himachal

If you are interested in more details, you can refer my detailed travel guide for Chehni Kothi Wooden Temple.

Chehni Kothi Wooden Temple - Quick Facts !!

LocationBanjar Valley, Kullu - Himachal Pradesh - India
Number of Days2-3 days ex. Delhi (Regular bus service from Delhi/Kullu)
Primary Trip AudienceAdventure Seekers, Bikers, Self Drive Enthusiasts, Hikers, Trekkers, Families (who love adventure)
Budget Range$100 - $120
Altitude1600 Mtrs
Best Time to TravelAll Year Long

About #PhotoGuides

#PhotoGuides is a travel and photo series initiative by @devilonwheels & @goel.tarun. It is dedicated to introducing some of the amazing places on this earth to everyone on Steemit. Places that make you get out of your couch and wander in this beautiful world. It is a small attempt from my side to share my travel knowledge on Steemit and help promote some of the remotest yet most beautiful places I/we have visited in the Himalayas and elsewhere. I hope you love and plan your trips to these places in time to come. If you have any questions or doubts in planning such a trip, I will be happy to help you here.

Can I participate in #PhotoGuides?

If you know about such amazing places and wish to contribute in this series, I will request you to use this #PhotoGuides tag so that it helps all fellow Steemians to refer such wonderful places of this earth under one tag. Also, if possible, I will request you to share some quick facts about the place you are sharing in above format to keep the travel information simple and concise.

What do I get in return?

Well, I believe, as much as you love to share your travel knowledge and wonderful places you have visited with fellow Steemians, you may feel more motivated if there are some rewards in it, too (and we all do). As of today, we may not have enough Steem Power to hold a contest or reward you with some heavy upvotes for your contributions. However, I do ensure that we will look forward to your post as loyal readers under the #PhotoGuides tag and if it is worth enough, will upvote with whatever little worth of vote we have with my current and future Steem Power 😎😎


Holi holi holi re🎵🎵🎵

Another hidden jewel from the Himalayas

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