The Goddess Melona on the Flower

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Greetings from Earthlings. Today again with you to show you more what I like, those beings that make this land special, with its simplicity that teaches small things, those that make life great, yes, as always I continue to capture those moments that are unique because Others will come, but they are not the same, which leads us again to think about this life, reflect and understand what the world really is and not what they wanted to let us see, because in each drop of this world the path that we must shine continue, it is not exactly what the common human believes, but good is for few, since many only want to become blind, but I hope you try to continue as I do, so I continue in this cycle that will soon end for me, but in the one that I want, like others did, to leave the breadcrumbs that take you to the path. Brilliant the words of a great teacher who approached my disguised beggar and that first time said to me: "Priest is a priest because what is important is his humility, although as always this world wants to manipulate things and try to change the good things for deviate from the right, humility have nothing to do with poverty, as many want to deviate the meaning of that word, to be humble is to follow the path of altruism and the best thing is not to bathe, hahaha ". In those last words, he only played with words, because it is not the same to go unnoticed than to be a beggar, because he only wanted to see who really listened to him regardless of his clothing, he also told me in one of the conversations we had when I He visited: "Everyone follows the path in a different way, but with the same purpose, to follow the path." Haha. I understood him, but others called him crazy, when he didn't hurt anyone, he lived his life on the path of good, and the others always with his bad intention, who really is crazy? things like that must be analyzed to start going down this path of something else, I hope you understand. In my publications you will not get a photo of a portrait of a young woman (like those who win a good vote that contributes good money to those who place this type of image) but you will find the portrait of a beautiful being who calls you follow the path, and just as beautiful as a beautiful young woman, if you wish to see it, the world will be only what you want to see, no more and no less.



Life is the portrait we want to take, it is transformed only if each one changes his life, because we are the center of our world and this world of ours is what we do. Another great teacher, a Venezuelan native that I knew one day, because he was selling bows and arrows for decorations, some traditional maracas and necklaces of his tribe, I looked at him somewhat tired and in his breath you could read that he needed to drink water , I called him and he thought that I wanted to buy him some of what he sold, but I only offered him water, we talked for a while and since lunch was ready he invited him to eat with me, as the tradition of the taita and the I really liked the Creoles (everyone who comes to your home must eat before leaving and if it is at lunchtime, everyone eats, because where they eat one, they eat two, where they eat two they eat three and so ... ) While we talked, he told me some secrets of nature and offered me a talisman that he said: he had been in his healing ceremonies in front of the great stones. That humble man was a shaman who always lived on the trail and who had come to the city to sell his things, because according to what they had told him that in the cities one lived better and at that moment he told me about the bad and the imbalance of the cities and what was wrong with the city man, among what he thought of the cities he said: the technology was not bad, but that it was misused by men, which led him to his conclusion where you are rich among nature because you have everything necessary to live, if you do not destroy what you have around you, and I conclude with the horizon of the path "the balance" all the teachers show us the same thing, maintaining this is the fundamental thing in everything. He said goodbye and told me that he was returning to his lands and it was the last time I saw him.


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All this I am telling you is so that you can see that the good teachings not only come from people well dressed in luxurious clothes, it can come from a teacher dressed in rags, but from an open mind to the universe.

Well, I say goodbye for today and it will be until next time, you know follow the path.


Camera: Panasonic lumix DMC-FZ50.

Lent: Leica 1: 2.8-3.7 / 7.4-88.8.

Location: Villa de Cura.

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