Where do the forest paths lead?

in #photography6 years ago

Hello friends! Sometimes in the morning so want to take a backpack and escape from the bustle of the city! Forest is the best option. Silence, only the singing of birds, the atmosphere makes it possible to relax, to understand WHAT is important in this world and what is your role in it.
Perhaps walking along the paths of this forest you will “lose” a few problems. :)🤗💛








Have a nice day!


Classical clicks 📷
..of cource silence in these forest ,with singing of birds is the best place for relaxing from cities full of noises.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for the comment and for the support. I'm glad you liked it!

Love forests! Unfortunately there aren't that many in the city / region I live. Walking in a forest is what the mind needs, often. I like the pics, I feel content just by looking at them :)

I agree with you, thank you!

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