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Grace is an amatuer model and photographer who's from Southern California. She's been steadily growing a fanbase over the last couple of years as she's been exploring the subjects of fetish, kink and human sexuality with her photography.

As she's been exploring her own interests in kink, she's been getting better and better with her photographic skills. With every photograph she shoots, she offers another glimpse into her mind. She creates erotic imagry and tells little stories with a combination of bold colors, beautiful costumes and props, familiar and comfortable settings, a rich dynamic between light and dark, a sexy sense of humor and a vivid imagination.

This set tells the story of a sexual explorer experiencing the situation of standing in a corner over the course of a month. Each photo is a day out of the month, each showing a different reason why she's standing in the corner.

Enjoy "Thirty Days in the Corner"

Grace makes her photos using an iPhone 10, a travel tripod and remote. For lighting she uses a combination of natural light and a UBeesize TR50 Selfie Ring.

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The concept is cool, though the title threw me off. I see very little emphasis on the corner, or any corner. Only 2 of the photos had any background whatsoever. It appears to be 30 closeups of a butt, mostly with the cheeks being spread. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin'!

You got it right. What you said sounds accurate. :-)

I appreciated the Corner concept, what I like most are the varied textures and themes. Nice work!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas! :-)

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Excellent work. Glad to see your stuff here.

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