The Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain

in #photography4 years ago

The Sagrada Familia 1.png

This is definitely a must see in Barcelona. I thought it looked impressive in photographs but you have to see it in person to see the full scale and detailing of this beautiful building. Good views of the external structure from each of the gardens outside.

The Sagrada Familia 2.png

It’s hard to find words to describe this amazing place. It was so much more than I expected beforehand. The history that goes into the design and each and every detail is incredible. Visit before sunset to be amazed by the intelligence behind how the rays from setting sun flow through the colorful tinted windows. The constant noise, smell and sound of construction didn’t detract from the experience.

The Sagrada Familia 3.png

Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to go inside, but for sure I will visit Barcelona once again and I will go inside. Still a work in progress the Basilica is due to be completed in 2026 for the centenary of Gaudi’s death. I would say this visit was the highlight of our stay in Barcelona.

Photos taken with Sony DSC-HX50B.


You do have to agree with me if I say that it looks like it came from a Harry Potter movie. This is fascinating and at the same time it gives me the creeps while looking at it.

Really it looks impressive in photographs, @zekans84 Good

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