Casa Batlló - Barcelona, Spain

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Casa Batllo 1.png

The house is amazing, both from the outside and on the inside. An interesting audio tour with a hand held you can move around to see things how they look or how you could perceive them to look. Great use of technology during the tour for a unique presentation. The tour will be crowded with people and that makes it hard to get good pictures.

Casa Batllo 2.png

Much of this place is built with mosaic and is full of serpentine walkways. The main room with the wavy window, the inner blue tile courtyard, and the roof were my favorite parts. There is custom made tile on the walls of the central staircase, and a wonderful roof garden. The texture, design, decoration, color of this magnificent work is unbelievable, unbeatable and beyond imagination.

Absolutely amazing. Worth every minute of the visit.

Photos taken with Sony DSC-HX50B.


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The works of Gaudi is amazing. Enjoy Barcelona. It's my favourite city.

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Horrible but unique design.

Amazing. I am from LA and believe it or not the famous: 'Watts Towers' looks quite similar.

they are incredible structures, different from the others. good pictures

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