my work together Nikon D3300 ( original photos )

in photography •  2 years ago

This photo done by me
if not good please be understood because in a learning phase
theme models : abstrak
model name : ayu goddess
age : 23 years

thema models : india
model name : dewi ayu
age: 25 yeard

thema : sleep on real

thema : indonesia raya

thema: bull
in madura

done by me original work

DSLR Nikon D3300
Max resolution :6016 x 4000
Other resolutions :4512 x 3000, 3008 x 2000
Effective pixels :24 megapixels
@jesta @dan pliss votes

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красивые фотографии! @crezyliza

This is just more stolen content, which you're claiming as yours.

Very good work! First two portraits are amazing!


thanks sir

well done!so many beautiful pics...

Total FLAG! check out this other post where zein is claiming to be an artist lol ! When the actual artists name is right in the pictures!