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This is my first submission into My Picture Day. I omitted the pictures where I was naked and swimming to keep this post safe for your Christian work environment.

Perfect beach weather, I got the whole place to myself. I like to see how far I can walk out before someone yells at me to not kill myself.

This house is cool looking to me, and they have several Jack Pine on their property, which are iconic trees of the Georgian Bay area. If you live in this house, please up vote this post so I know you saw this picture.

These signs kill my immersion as a free Canadian man exploring new lands. I love how the motion blur depicts just how seriously I take my Canadian freedom. I full-sent that snowball and scored a direct hit! I didn't quarter or half-send the snowball, I full-sent it. Just like I full-send every up vote.

These photographs were taken on my Nikon D5000 DSLR in La Fontaine in Georgian Bay. I own these photographs, and it is me who is in these photographs!

Follow @zastels if you never skip Beach Day


Beautiful clicks @zastels


awesome pics especially the second one i love it

Great post amazing tnx for sharing I just upvoted check out my new post i do abstract art upvote resteem comment @gclipse steemit all the way

Beautiful! I love the sky on the first photo

nice click and beautiful place who is the in last pic @zastels

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