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Maybe after all of the parties our dome looks not so futuristic and fancy, but it proved to be the best chillout for any campsite😎




Everything was happening here

28°03'36.5"N 17°18'59.5"W

30 second exposure


Wow! amazing place and your photography skill is very good.

i am planing by my self to go for camping with my wife from last 2 years but because of busy routine and job out of country it seems impossible...
thank you so much for sharing it with us @zaebars and i hope we'll be able to go this year :(
a big thumbs up from my side...

Thank you!
Even if you spend just one night outside it already would be very refreshing and new - a breakfast under the sky with birds singing - isn't it idyllic?

Fantastic photography
Yours is very nice post and very interesting I love to visit your blog.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it because that's just how life here looks like, nothing major🙃

Looks like you picked a prime spot. Nice.

that's already kind of a tradition - this is the third time we've been camping here, and every time it gets better - more equipment, better soundsystem and so on🌴⛺️

Woah you found the perfect place to camp! Do you listen to some Psychedelic music in the mountains? I love that. Maybe check my latest post if you want to see different content from yours. =)

We like this place a lot - there we can listen to our music as loud as we want and nobody except the birds will hear us:) The music itself is mostly deep house and techno.

Exactly what I love. =)

привет, а почему в голосе не постишь?

как-то руки не доходят, честно говоря😅

как так до своего родного русскоязычного и не доходят :)

на благо русского языка я работаю переводчиком для @rusteemitblog 😌

ну это выше всяких похвал :)

Really a beautiful sight safari adventure for you @zaebars

What a great place to camp!

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